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No matter when or where, water is one of our most crucial resources. In any project, it is important for potable water distribution systems to be clean, safe, and long-lasting.

Ottilie Marketing introduced the Philippines’ first leak-proof plastic waterline system in 1994—changing the game for the piping industry. Now with over 20,000 projects under our belt, we are still continuously expanding our portfolio to offer quality piping systems for a wider range of water distribution applications across all price points.



Whether it’s for public or private water mains, HVAC, or land development applications, an ideal main water distribution system should be able to withstand prolonged stress, ensure efficient water delivery, and possess a long service life—all while being cost-effective.

HDPE Piping Systems
Pressurized HDPE SDR11 Black Pipe with Blue Lines
Installation of Black HDPE with Blue Stripes
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HDPE Piping Systems

HDPE piping systems have the lowest costs for operation and maintenance among conventional potable water mains because of its leak-proof technology, installation flexibility, and 50-year design lifespan.

Water Distribution

Water distribution systems play an essential part in our daily lives: they make it possible for us to enjoy clean water whenever we need it. For everyone’s safety and to ensure high hygiene standards, water distribution systems need to be leak-free, non-toxic, and resistant to corrosion.

PEXa Piping Systems
PP-R Piping Systems
PP-RCT Piping Systems
Rehau Rautitan PEX Flexible Pipe Installation
Rehau PEX Platinum Pipe, Brass Fitting, and Plastic Fitting
White PPR Pipe with Red Line and Fittings
Green PPR Pipes, Fittings and Gate Valves
2 pieces of PP-RCT Pipes with Red Lines
PP-RCT pipes and fittings
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PEXa Piping Systems

No leaks. No rust. No problems.

Ottilie is proud to offer a truly world-class piping system that boasts quality, strength, and simplicity: Rehau Rautitan HIS 311. Guaranteed to be 100% leak-proof through its patented 2-piece jointing technology, this top-class system is the simplest and most reliable piping solution that is made to last a lifetime.

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PP-R Piping Systems

Ottilie is the only company to offer 100% German-Made PP-R and genuine German-Standard PP-R piping systems in the Philippines. Today, we are proud to offer the widest selection of PP-R piping systems for nearly all price categories, catering to a wide range of projects depending on budget and requirements.

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PP-RCT Piping Systems

PP-RCT is the next step for PP-R piping systems. Designed to operate under higher water pressure and elevated temperatures compared to the standard PP-R, it is the perfect water distribution system for towering, high-rise buildings and condominium complexes.