Rehau Rautitan HIS 311 PEX Pipe and Fittings
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Designed for those who want only the best for their dream homes, Rehau Rautitan his 311 PEXa pipes deliver lasting comfort and absolute peace of mind for generations to come. Rehau Rautitan boasts superior durability, strength, and simplicity that is built to last a lifetime. This premium water distribution piping system is leak-proof and maintenance-free, delivering high hygienic standards and reliable protection to ensure that your property stays in peak condition for longer.

Rehau pioneered PEXa piping technology, the first zero maintenance thermoplastic piping system introduced to the Philippine market through Ottilie and Othmann in 1994.

No Rust. No Leak. No Problem. <br>Since 1994.

No Rust. No Leak. No Problem.
Since 1994.

no leak no rust

No rust. No leaks. No problem.

Rehau Rautitan his 311 is the unrivaled choice for the
discerning homeowner who prioritises maximum
safety and comfort above all else.

Features and Technology

Simple, reliable, and uncompromising, Rehau Rautitan his 311 delivers strength and durability, unrivaled quality, and a lifetime of comfort through innovative materials and piping technology to enhance the quality of life in upscale homes and establishments.

Patented 2-piece compression jointing technology
Effortless and completely leak proof. Rehau Rautitan’s patented jointing technology is secure, simple, and easy to execute, minimising any chance of error while guaranteeing 100% leak-proof connections that can immediately handle pressure loads upon installation. No welding, no heating tools, no curing times.

30% faster installation time
Thanks to its patented compression jointing technology and its flexible, lightweight PEX material, Rehau Rautitan is faster and easier to install than any PP-R or PVC system. The smaller size PEXa pipes come in 50-100m coils, so installers only need to unroll the pipe and fix it with brackets without needing to fuse or connect pipe ends—which also means it requires 30% less joints and fittings.

Built to last (more than) a lifetime
High-grade European Dezac-resistant brass, virgin PEXa resins, and a simple installation process combine to create Rehau Rautitan’s 100% leak-proof system, with zero rust, corrosion, and scaling, and higher hydraulic performance than any system available in the market today.

Made in Germany
Rehau Rautitan his 311 is 100% German-made, guaranteeing that every pipe and fitting boasts exceptional quality and lasting durability.

Rehau Rautitan his 311 Projects

More than 800,000,000 metres of Rautitan pipes have been used worldwide. In the Philippines, we are proud to have been
trusted by over 7,100 industry experts and homeowners for their luxury projects and residences.