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Quiet and reliable. Functional and sturdy. From the group that pioneered the rise of leak-proof thermoplastic piping systems in the 90’s, Rehau Raupiano is a reliable and comprehensive acoustic drainage system that excels where silence is crucial. Prioritising living comfort and lifetime maintenance-free service, this innovative silent drainage piping solution is the trusted choice for luxury hotels, leisure developments, and even private residences.

With Rehau Raupiano, less means more: less noise, higher cost savings, and enhanced durability.

Accredited by Germany’s Fraunhofer <br>Institute for Sound Insulation in Dwellings

Accredited by Germany’s Fraunhofer
Institute for Sound Insulation in Dwellings

Features and Technology

Manufactured in Germany and tested at both the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany and the National Acoustic Laboratory in Australia, Rehau Raupiano is a silent drainage system that uses groundbreaking acoustic technology to minimise discomfort and noise pollution in dense vertical living spaces.

Rehau Raupiano Plus mineral enforced pp pipe
Rehau Raupiano Plus fitting with push-fit rubber gasket
Rehau Raupiano Pus sound-dampening bracket

Rated at 17dB—one of the best in sound insulation technology
Rehau Raupiano offers excellent noise protection surpassing DIN 4109 and VDI Guideline 4100 standards. This acoustic drainage system dampens noise by improving the attenuation of sound created by flowing water while eliminating acoustic lagging, enabled by its patented 3-layer pipe design and sound-absorbing bends and brackets.

30% faster, error-free installation
Compared to cast iron systems, Raupiano utilises a simple push-fit jointing system that does not require any welding, heavy lifting, or hot electrical work. It is also 4 times lighter than metal systems, making it easier to transport, install, and mount on walls and ceilings.

Over 25 years of technical experience in the Philippines
Raupiano is designed and manufactured by Rehau Germany, the group that brought the groundbreaking leak-proof thermoplastic piping system Rehau Rautitan his 311 to the local market in 1994.


How It Works

Rehau Raupiano features patented sound dampening technology to address the two main sources of noise in drainage piping systems:

How It Works

Structure-borne Noise
Rehau’s patented sound-dampening brackets feature noise-absorbing rubber-lined guiding and fixing clamps that hold the pipes in place to reduce movement caused by gravity and flowing water. These brackets also significantly lower noise levels by decoupling sound vibrations from the drainage stack before it reaches the walls of the building structure.

Airborne Noise
Within Raupiano’s multi-layer pipe structure is a middle layer reinforced with sound-absorbing minerals, increasing the density of each pipe to up to 1.9g/cm³ to absorb and reduce noise. The pipe bends are also specially designed with hydraulically-optimised inner contours and increased wall thickness to further isolate and absorb noise in sound-critical impact areas.