Spears Flameguard CPVC Orange Pipes and Fittings
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When it comes to safety, it pays to be prepared. With how unpredictable fires can be, a reliable fire suppression system could save lives and prevent major property loss. Flameguard provides protection even in the most extreme temperatures—offering superior hydraulics, strong construction, and flexible design for any layout.

As the only true UL-FM CPVC fire sprinkler system in the Philippines, Flameguard offers you an economical and high-performance alternative to conventional fire sprinkler systems. Flameguard offers superior protection for commercial developments, luxury hotels and resorts, and healthcare facilities.

UL-Listed. FM-Approved. <br>100% Made in the USA.

UL-Listed. FM-Approved.
100% Made in the USA.

Lifelong protection. Long-lasting durability.

Flameguard is a CPVC sprinkler system that lasts longer in comparison to its black iron counterparts, giving you 16% lower total cost of ownership.

Maintenance-free for over 50 years

100% resistant to rust and corrosion

Lightweight and easy installation

Features and Technology

With Flameguard, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the best fire protection in the market without worrying about maintenance. Flameguard is expertly designed to deliver at the crucial moment.

Spears Flameguard CPVC Orange Pipes and Fittings
CPVC Fire Sprinkler Orange Pipe attached to Sprinklerhead
Flameguard CPVC Orange Pipes

The only UL-FM listed Fire Sprinkler System
Guaranteed 100% made in the USA by Spears Manufacturing, one of the leading producers of thermoplastic fittings and piping system components. Flameguard is an internationally tested and certified flame suppression system and currently the only UL-FM CPVC® fire sprinkler system in the country.

No repiping and maintenance needed. Ever.
Made with CPVC, Flameguard offers an economic and cost-efficient fire protection system that requires zero maintenance, giving you a 16% lower overall ownership cost versus conventional metal sprinklers.

Rust and Corrosion Resistant
Compared to black iron systems, CPVC is immune to rust and corrosion, making it especially fit for seaside and beachfront projects.

Quick and Easy Installation
Requiring no welding, no heating tools, and no heavy lifting, Flameguard utilises a special CPVC solvent cement for fast, simple installation.

Flameguard Projects

Flameguard is the trusted flame suppression system for a range of commercial developments,
luxury hotels and resorts, and healthcare facilities.