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The intelligent drainage system.

Zero leaks. Zero maintenance. Zero repairs. Zero waste. From the expert in drainage design, Geberit HDPE is the best choice for towering skyscrapers, high-rise buildings, and private residences where comfort and hygiene are of highest priority.

Combining intelligent design with robust resistance, this durable piping system boasts outstanding flexibility and unmatched strength under any type of pressure. The Geberit HDPE system is the leak-proof alternative to PVC, and the more cost-effective drainage solution compared to cast iron systems.

Swiss Engineering since 1874

Swiss Engineering since 1874

Cheaper than cast iron

Cheaper than cast iron

More durable than PVC*

More durable than PVC*

Ensure rust, leak, and
maintenance-free piping
for decades to come.

*PVC has shown a failure rating of 1 in 48,650 incidents.
HDPE systems came out with 1 in 10,000,000.

Features and Technology

Geberit HDPE piping systems are manufactured using state-of-the-art techniques and only the best materials to guarantee clean and safe wastewater management that lasts years.

Geberit HDPE pipe with electrofusion coupling
56mm. 90mm, 110mm and 160mm Geberit HDPE in a tower-like formation
Geberit Buttfusion Elbow, Tee and Pluvia Roof Outlet

From the leading experts in European sanitary technology
The Geberit group is at the forefront of innovative, sustainable, and hygienic solutions in Europe. Every product and system from this group is guaranteed to follow high sanitary standards and quality.

Made in Europe
Geberit HDPE drainage solutions are manufactured in Europe using 100% virgin Borealis resins—premium raw materials that ensure sustainable, reliable, and more efficient piping systems.

Over 15 years of successful drainage installations
In the Philippines, Geberit HDPE has been the choice piping solution for safe, durable, and long-lasting drainage systems for many developments and establishments since 2004.

Geberit HDPE Projects

We are proud to have been trusted by countless industry experts when it comes
to wastewater drainage systems for residences, offices, and high-rise projects.